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Exploring the Alley


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make more

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They straight up raped her to death.

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hey man who is da stupid who doing this shit

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How did u find it asshole  u typed in Dora porn bbitch


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This is wrong 

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What the hell?


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they raped me so hard i fucking died


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I saw Ash Ketchum

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we need to give those guys nobel peace prizes.

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This is bad wtf


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Why the hell

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Oh my why is this a thing 

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why are you reading it?

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Cuz I am a huge perv... And so are you!

True Story

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Why is Swiper not in it?

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hail hitler

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I'm down

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I'm part German

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hm so dora isnt a virgin i mean i didnt see any blood


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Her hime (I think that's right) may have broken from other stuff like ridding a bike. 

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It looks like cum comes from her armpits

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WTF this is disgusting 


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Dora was exploring alright 

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U right she did. Y his a think?

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please kill me

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I wanna fuck

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Show bobs and vegana

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What the absolute fuck is this shit omg how do you sleep at night knowing you made something like this i feel so guilty just looking at it


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omg, after viewing this, someo fuck me plzz

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I will fuck you

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This is fucked up

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this is fucked up...

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is it bad to get off to this

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This is porn? This is like macabre


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i enjoyed it

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Yo im deadass sure this is child porn

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At the start of it, is that a pudle of cum? Just tell me.

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Wkelp, thats enough internet 4 today

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Holy shit

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Is anyone else confused why the fuck is she exploring a alley way ???


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Welcome to a list you don't want on

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Can someone please rape me please

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These comments are so funny :D

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