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Please continue this is the best hentai comic I have seen in 4 years...

Also if this is pacifist... will there be a genocide one?

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Do you really want to see genocide sex? 10/10 comic though.

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Yeah I agree I hope they do and if they do I hope they put in a footjob

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I suppose that a Genocide Run in Under(her)tail would be along the lines of "Rape every monster girl in sight to death" instead of "Seduce every monster girl in sight to get laid."

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yeahcontinue this and my a rape (genocide) too!

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I want to have sex with blooksanap


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I mean... would it be violation sex? We saw Chara in the dream and... I dunno... I thought that would be a reference to Genocide... I THINK...

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I agree

..........,.....gcjcxhvbmn's picture

Kitty is sexy

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I love how the porn comic comment sextion is nicer than the youtube comic section XD Also YAY update :D

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When will part 4come out? Plz continue this its really good.

Ikr best comic ive seen so far

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If you look up under^her tail, you can find a pool cite where he posts more regularly.

He said that the next part is around Christmas.

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Part 4 please! I want to see how he is gona fuck the plane >:-)

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Wanna have sex? 

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This AU is FUCKIN GREAT i need to see part 4

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Anyone know how to get diamonds in minecraft?


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Why are you asking that question at this site but they appear at y 16 and below 

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Jump off a cliff.


1. Drink bleach and die

Sydney's picture dig around until you find em. They fuckin rare tho.

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Please make more of these comics I can't stop reading

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I want to fuck the bunny 

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Part 4! also,great job to whoever made the art. it is amazing

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Yes pls, continue with this amazing comic. The kitty is so freaking sexy, btw ;3

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no ofence but if i see a male verion of chara im out


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if i was in his situtation i would run like hell!!!!!!!!!!! 

UPDATE THIS SHIT ITS TOO FUCKING HOT..... Seriously, how fucking long it takes to update? Cuz I'm bored swing it over and over nothing changes...

 (๑´•.̫ • `๑)

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This is hot and hilarious 

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Ahhhh! I want more im cumming!!!!

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This is so funny.

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This is awesome to just read cause of the humor more please and after this is finished maybe you could do a genocide route 

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my dick litteraly almost blew up thats how hard this made me if you dont know how a dick gets hard WTF U DOIN ON DIS SITE btw PT 4 NAOW PLZ

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Cant wait for mettaton

I dont know what to be more amazed about, this comment section or the comic.

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This is good so of the author I hope he/she makes more of this

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More please

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