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That ending tho!!! I wanna see more of this 100000/10

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What are you talking about it hasn’t ended

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he probs posted that at the time of the big reveal in the comic, which, no lie was pretty intense for a porn comic based on a childs game franchise, like for real i am adding this to my favorites just to check back and see if there is any overarching character development that could happen

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OMG, so fucking hot. Made me cum 12 different times

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Males think im ugly

then they are gay

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This is my 100th time reading this...

Great comic!

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damn...i love this made me cum 10 takes kinda long for me to cum...i live with my mom still XD but im glad no one walked in while i was fapping...well i post this comment a 6:04 AM...that guy was lucky...tbh i wont mind the same thing happen to love for pokemon to be be fucking Pokemon all night every night mate with the pokemon and id hope no one would know that im mating  with the horny thinking about it...i need a girl friend...  :(    but what girl would wanna be with me :(  ima ugly low life loser with low ego and low self-esteem

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I WANT A PART 2!!!!!!!

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Yeah you are a loser

Omg don't say that 2 urself's picture

Sooner or later, a gal will come up to ya m8! Or you can be brave and ask someone out! It doesn't matter on the looks! (For most things, it's da DICK! And from 10 cum shots, I'm sure it's like 4-5 inches)

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Bro have faith in yourself.(at least your not gay)

Imamiddlelifewinnerloser's picture

Chill dawgs, let's be good, we're all ugly.

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Porn 10/1

story... my eyes... and dick... are confused


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Watches porn for a laugh's picture

That moment when you realize that he’s calling his dick a fucking traitor 

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this is amazing 

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This  cómic is awesome

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titjobs must be a bitch tho :)

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Well that was a fun experience but I'm not gay

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This is the best comic I ever read!!!

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