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The Monster Under the Bed

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Came for the porn, stayed for the story... and porn. It's actually rather good.


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It's so good


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I agree great story


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Either came for porn and stayed for story

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there should be more porn though its just story a very good one yes but not enough porn on a porn website


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When more

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that is sooo cute ^-^ wanna to know how she dressed up like this at the end.
and maaaaybe "Mrs.blackheart" is Tim's mother?

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Look at her backstory page youll realize its true


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Read the first chapter when it just came out and havent checked it since.

Still love this story

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realy dont care for the porn in this but i love the story

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Though hope that it dosnt end any time soon

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Best love/porn comic ever


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Not much sex but a good read

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somebody else noticed has tim have an aegis? 

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thus is a really good story I could see this as a anime


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ok just wondering i think that Lady Blackheart is Timothy's mom

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I love this story.Please continue this

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First rate story telling.  I can find enough hardcore porn to satisfy my want elsewhere.  I find the gentle romance between the central figures adequate to carry the whole thing; the side erotica is pleasant, but a little tame.


I may be repeating myself here, but if you do not finish this thing, I shall hunt you down and menace you severely, possibly with an over-ripe gorgonzola.  I have the cheese, and I'm not afraid to use it.

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when I first saw your comments the comic did not load I thought your comments was the comic

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Haven't ven finished reading but i bet lady blachheart is his mom somehow honestly just off certain events and how there hair looks simlair

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Wen al you goen to make more i wana kmow haw it end 


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It's awesome I love the story can't wait to see what happens when nightmare and her stud lol open the door please continue 

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more please more


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I think Lady Blackheart is shadow's mother becuase hair coler and there is a slight hint that Blackheart loved a human so if shadow is part human and then she dossent despise Tim as much as the other monsters fx midnight

PLUS if Blackheart had a child with a human she could not raise it with the other monsters or her love for a human was dicoverd so she ran away but left shadow to her sister that raised her as a monster this would most likely be y she gave shadow the book


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Very nice story :) its allways the small ones that make such good comics :D staying till it ends
Ps: love ya ^^

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I want a second part

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was looking for porn, found an adorable story and now I can't wait for more updates...

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cannot w8 4 more pages.

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PLEASE MORE i just spemt 2 hours reading this im in love with this story!!!! That clif hanger BULL SHIT PISSED ME OFF PLEASE I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS >3> AND SEE SEX TOO BUT I WANNA KNOW WHAT THE FUCK HAPPES PLEASE MORE FOR FUCK SAKE!!!!!!!


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Ya put more in

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Great story

it's fisticuffs time put em up time to square craig's picture

it's about go down for real

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Was sad when it ended, plz continue soon.

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it's a nice story

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I wish there was a way to jump to the end.  This sight is really designed poorly in that regard -.-

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 I can't believe what I just I came here looking for porn and I literally just bumped into one and I found one of the betest well told love stories I've ever had the pleasure of  reading. I can't wait for the next release. honestly it's gonna be awesome to  read the next update bring it out soon please!!! 

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Thanks for your hard work is best man



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Wow a story that can stop masturbation and you not even be mad about it.........huh this..... this is a first for..... good job......

this is the greatest comic of all time ever

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Wow better than porn

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Is there more of this if not make  more!!!!


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finish the story plz

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I felt the tear run down my face when I saw it wasn't finished. I can't get enough of this story. I'm loving watching this relationship develop. Please finish!

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This is the second time I was looking for porn comics and found an incredible story.

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Love this storyline, really adorable, hopefully it will be continued this way, that's actually a comic series worth enough of being printed

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Very very good comic please continue and update please please.

welp since it no longer has the "ongoing" tag it is the end :( maybe there will be a part 2?

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continue the book plz

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Kid is freddy cougar my nemesis

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please bro make more i am now addicted to this :-)

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The story really caught me

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It's a great story , please make more !

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I clicked on this because I thought it will be the typical "Meet & Fuck" type of comic, but now I'm actually reading it with interest in the story 

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*little edit

Oh boy what a cliffhanger 

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The story is very good but please more porn and sex 

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This is one of those thing I wish I could tell people to read but then I remember its porn and that would cause......issues to say the least. Don't know if the creator is the poster but if you are great job! 

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Please continue doing that comics, it's so great and it will be sad if you just end it unfinished

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